So Close……

My best advice to anyone in a relationship with a narcissist is run, when you do don’t ever look back. Don’t fall for the fake apologies, the fake concern because you know all too well when you return it only gets worse. If I had been smart this time last year I would have run. He was able to take a total of 30,000 dollars from me last year when my house sold, he had me repair his house. I bought a 10,000 dollar trailer that I’m now trying to sell to leave. I was approved for special priority housing because of physical, mental and emotional abuse over the three years of our marriage however they have nothing available. I will have to quit my medical job that he said was shit, in reality it was jealousy he was jealous I had a respectable good job and he had none, because he made me get rid of my possessions when I moved here I basically have nothing. My plan is to move to family that are four hours away. The trailer he has threatened to torch on me, tow it and hide it only because when things got really bad I would take the dog and retreat there. Then the threats against the cats started. What he would do to them when I’m gone. It is a living hell, it has created anxiety, insomnia, I feel emotionally distraught. I have the trailer listed in multiple areas. I have had one offer and when the time came no one showed up and I could no longer make contact. He of course found it quite funny which made me suspect that he had something to do with it. I thought I was so close to being able to leave to only have it snatched from my grasp.

Run, run the first chance you have, cut all ties and never look back.


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