Buckle Up Buttercup

….I think we are in for a bumpy ride. One thing I have learned in life is always expect change. I had anticipated moving to my brothers when housing had nothing available and then change happened. My employer who is a Dr had a little chat with me. The result was a verification letter confirming the abuse. On Friday I filed the forms for special priority. I am now waiting to hear if it has been accepted or rejected. And then we will find out how long the wait will be for that. At least it will be faster, and I will be able to stay here at my job. Another good thing will be protection. I’m still worried about the day I move even having support I’m still anxious about it. I’ve packed everything belonging to me and he acts like it’s not there. His mood is up and down, he yells at me and the animals. Now he has started sleeping from 4pm till midnight then gets up and starts playing his games again. I do feel bad for him. He didn’t ask to be abused as a child. But then he hasn’t reached out for help either. I do know there is nothing I can do other than help myself. I deserve to be in a relationship where there is mutual respect, mutual support, the same goals and morals.


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