Each Day Another Step

The light is getter brighter at the end of the tunnel. I still don’t want to breathe that sigh of relief yet because I’m not out of the woods. He could at any moment snap. He wanders around the house all night now muttering to himself when not playing his video game. He is zeroing in on anything and everything to yell at me about as well as continuously asking did I quit my job, when am I leaving, he’s going to let the birds out if I don’t take them because I apparently turned them against him. So many things that just make you shake your head and question “are you serious, listen to yourself for a minute”. Just as with everything else he wants to do absolutely nothing, I have to sell the trailer myself even though it would be just as easy for him to give me half and I’m gone, no I have to sell it myself and keep the money. The birds he went out and bought because he wanted them so badly I have to take or find a home for. Once I’m gone he will then sit in this dark house playing his video games until his unemployment runs out in October. I quite imagine he will have to sell the house after I’m gone. But that will be his issue. He may get what he has paid on the mortgage back but not much more. I will be 4 hours away and hopefully that will be far enough that he won’t be able to bother me. I know he is up to something because my phone hasn’t been cut off, I haven’t been completely blocked from using wifi only my iPad. So I’m not resting easy yet. The day the mover pulls out of the driveway with my belongings and I behind with the pets then it will be an emotional floodgate of what freedom feels like.


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