Moving Forward

Stage two is now in effect. The first was realizing I married a narcissist. The first few years I was blind and believed I could help him. I had a hard time believing that he didn’t regret how much he was hurting me. I made excuses for when he broke my rib. I thought if I left he would be sorry and change. None of this was normal to me. Narcissists are not normal. And no it isn’t their fault that trauma when young did this to them but they also don’t change.

I had applied for housing because of my job however that has changed. There are available apartments coming anytime soon so I reached out to family. I will be moving 4 hours away. To be honest I’m surprised he hasn’t cut my phone off or blocked me from using the internet. Maybe I spoke too soon. I am selling the trailer and then will bring in a mover and off I go. My healing will come after. I have to remember he uses projection of his own inadequacies upon me. I have to remember that once gone no contact means no contact. Not to fall for any of his hoovering tactics. Once I’m gone there is nothing he needs to contact me about. Scary exciting I’m terrified to be honest but so glad to have the support of my readers.


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