Positivity is Key

Despite the fact that you feel like jumping off a cliff, sticking your head in the sand, screaming at the top of your lungs or at the worst giving in and giving up……remember positivity is the key. Whatever you choose you have to live with that choice. You can let the narc rip you down or you can look at them during their rant but in your mind tell yourself, I am better than this I am appreciated I deserve to be treated with respect. And just use this response every time your narc rants, I’m sorry you feel that way. It will take discipline to not react to their disrespectful treatment. But you will see how it takes them off guard. Plus it buys you some quiet time. Eventually the stomach knots will become less, you won’t feel like you are hanging from a cliff. For myself I’m trying to keep the water smooth until I am able to move. I realize that will cause a whole other set of issues with the narc, he doesn’t believe I will leave. He has a rude awakening in store.


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