Christmas Countdown

The final week is upon us. I went out Saturday alone to pick up gifts for my family. He who wishes to be obeyed did not want to participate. He asked me what I want for Christmas because he isn’t going to buy something I might not want. I looked at him and my answer was “nothing”. What is the point. Gifts are given by people that genuinely are seeking to give pleasure to the recipient. I want nothing. I asked him to stop swearing at me, I asked him to stop yelling at me. I asked him to stop accusing me of untrue actions, I asked him to not smoke pot in the house. I have asked him to help me, I’ve asked him to do things around the house. He is unemployed, sits on the couch in his underwear playing video games all night. He wakes up at dinner time and expects food because he is hungry. If he is unable to comply with any of these requests why would I want a Christmas gift. It would have no meaning no sentiment it would only be him trying to look good in front of my family. That is if he goes. My plans are this coming weekend to complete the baking and start the trifle on Saturday. Sunday I’ll get the turkey and stuffing cooked. Monday I work 8-11am. I’ll come home load up the gifts for family and food, my overnight bag and the dog then head out. My family lives two hours away so I should arrive in plenty of time to heat up the food for dinner. He hasn’t said yet, he usually waits till the last minute, to say he isn’t going. I’m not expecting him to go because I plan on spending the night. That means he would have to smoke outside there and there would be no pot tolerated whatsoever. Plus he would have to get dressed. So I am looking forward to a peaceful Christmas. The weather looks like it is going to be good for driving. So Christmas will be filled with family, good food and fun.


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  1. You know I think it’s empathy. On one hand I feel bad that he is a shell void of emotion, unable to genuinely feel joy, sadness, love, and empathy. Then on the other hand I have to remember he will never change. I can’t change him, I can only show him I will not be controlled. I think I’ve lasted this long by learning not to react, by carrying on with my life. I have an incredibly wonderful, supportive job, supportive coworkers. The environment is positive, the owner shows appreciation to the staff daily, and I’m given the opportunity to grow and gain knowledge in my position. At home I have my little side business making jewelry. Narcissistic personalities tend to tire of people who they are unable to control or gain reactions from. Each time he tries to knock me down it only comes back on him, I believe some say that’s Karma lol. And I have positive support from people like you 😊 remember every day is a good day, just some are better than others.

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