Welcome December

It may be December but according to the weather it’s more like late October. The temperature is going up to 8 today so the snow we had has melted turning the yard into a muddy mess. My trio of squirrels sit on the railing outside of the patio door waiting for me to bring them their daily ration of peanuts. Occasionally the two male bluejays sneak in and take a peanut lol. The cats enjoy watching the silly pudgy squirrels navigate the fence with their tiny mouths gripped tightly on two peanuts. Every now and then they give up and drop one. My dog gets his daily exercise by running out and doing a few circles round the yard barking at the air. He is a Yorkie but I definitely don’t want him catching the squirrels. I’ve started Christmas shopping. My daughter is the most difficult. She lives overseas so buying isn’t the concern it’s sending. This year I found a site online that puts together a gift basket, wraps the gifts and mails them. The best part they are in the Uk. Another surprise was an Etsy store in the uk that makes a Christmas Eve Box. The creator offered to fill it with treats for me and personalize the box with her name and mail directly to her. It’s exciting knowing she will be so surprised.

The house is bare of decorations as he who wishes to be obeyed does not like Christmas. He doesn’t buy gifts, he doesn’t celebrate, basically just ignores it. Our first Christmas together he asked why I bought him anything, and proceeded to tell me how useless the gifts I gave him were. It was an emotional blow. So now I celebrate it alone in our home. I bought a small live Christmas tree that I can transplant in the spring outside. At Christmas on my time off weather permitting I’ll go to spend a night with my family. A night is as long as I can go because although the dog will be with me, the cats and birds will be ignored by him so I need to return to feed them. It’s sad that someone feels so negatively about such a wonderful season. He is living in his past and can’t let go. He lashes out at people now that had nothing to do with his past and hold them accountable for actions they had no part in. How sad that is to hold so much anger.


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  1. I’m planning on spending Christmas with my family. Whether or not he likes it. I’ve learned to give him the hand and walk away when he begins one of his outbursts.

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