Self Empowerment

Being in a narcissistic relationship isn’t easy. The narcissist will cast doubt, you will feel defeated, depression will set in, your self esteem and confidence will take a blow, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Allow yourself to feel these emotions and then immediately follow with self empowerment. Remember there are hundreds if not thousands of people who love, cherish and appreciate you just the way you are compared to the narcissist who is only one. Strangers that you smile at that have had their day improved because of your smile. The person you let in during traffic, the clerk you asked how their day was, the person you spent a few moments talking to in the grocery store, the neighbor you stopped to help who was struggling, family you spent time with, all of these people appreciate your efforts because your actions were done freely, not selfishly. You are not the narcissist, you are not responsible for their behaviour. Remember they are responsible for their behaviour and you are responsible for how you react to it. They want you to fail, want you to feel bad, want to control you. If you allow them the power they will take it, if you allow them to disrespect you they will. Start today, hold your head high, remember, you are loved, appreciated, and you are beautiful.


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