That’s Why We Can’t Have Anything Nice….

Triggers, where do I start. You know, it would be so much easier to say what doesn’t bother he who wishes to be obeyed. Even if everything is done right, said right, cooked right, cleaned right, he will still find something to complain about. Sometimes I make a game out of it and try to guess what he will pick at. It’s a coping strategy, it’s how I remember that this is his habit. If I’ve guessed right I just yell bingo and then he looks at me like I’m crazy. It changes his frame of thought and silences him for a bit while he tries to figure out what is going on.

Some days his fuse is extremely short and some days it builds with each irritation that bombards him. At work if he isn’t treated special I’ll get a call. If I don’t side with him, which I usually don’t, then I’m the target for going against him and siding with his boss. Or like tonight, because I didn’t respond the way he expected me to he started asking who was here, what I was doing, then “you sound busy” and hung up on me. I asked him a question in regards to the statements he was making. Never ask questions just take everything he says as truth lol.

He asked me to buy him an earpiece for his phone. I did, I knew at the time I should have refused, but hindsight is 20/20 isn’t it. He had it three days and started complaining. I asked what was wrong, no volume, I asked if he charged it, no. So I plugged it in to charge. Not even five minutes later I heard a noise. He had unplugged it and because it wasn’t working still he threw it across the room and it broke. His reply when I asked why was that it was garbage anyways and I didn’t fix it. Our first Christmas together he bought me nothing, the gifts I gave him sat. Then I was told they were no good and don’t work as well as what he would have bought. My birthday was forgotten, his reason because I didn’t remind him. Our anniversary came and went without any mention.

One thing I did manage to get through to him was no smoking in the vehicle or we go in our own separately. I quit, well it was his idea that we both quit. I was successful and he didn’t even try. So thumbs up for that request to be heard and followed. Yes he complains that I’m the worst that ex smokers are the worst. But, it wouldn’t seem normal if he didn’t have some complaint lol. I just smile and say isn’t it great that I don’t smell like an old ashtray.

So tonight, as I wait for him to arrive home, I am filled with the accusations that I bet I’ll get. I’m sure he will either accuse me of having someone here or that I wasn’t home I was out with my boyfriend. Well no matter what at least I might win and be able to yell bingo!


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